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Why end grain?

A end-grain cutting board refers to a cutting board in which the wood fibers are arranged vertically, resembling the growth rings of a tree trunk. End-grain wood has several advantages, which I will now delve into.

End-grain is particularly well-suited for cutting boards because cuts divide the vertical fibers rather than cutting through them. The fibers close up with moisture and new cuts, allowing the cutting board to maintain its beautiful appearance for a longer period.

Not only aesthetically pleasing, but end-grain wood also offers functional advantages for cutting boards. The vertical fibers help distribute pressure more evenly during cutting, reducing damage and wear to the wood.

Because the fibers are not severed during cutting on an end-grain cutting board, the knife is also protected, resulting in a pleasant cutting experience.

Lastly, the beautiful appearance created by end-grain wood adds to the allure of a cutting board. Looking from the top into the tree, the growth rings are prominently displayed, enhancing the visual appeal.


The essentials

Kochbretter is a company that exclusively works with local woods. The exquisite cutting boards are crafted with great care, entirely in Switzerland.

Every Kochbretter cutting board can be submitted to the resharpening service at any time. For more information, please visit "Resharpening Service."

I discovered working with wood for myself at the age of 15. Now, at 20 years old, working with wood has become my favorite passion and also my part-time occupation. Alongside my education, I try to spend as much time as possible in my workshop.

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